May Day weekend

I hope you are enjoying the nice weather this bank holiday weekend.
Here is what I have been sowing recently
24th April

Candytuft – Fairy Mix
Candytuft - Fairy Mix - sown 24th April 2013

and then on 25th April

Cosmos – Polidor Mixed
Cosmos - Polidor Mixed - sown 25th April '13

Verbascum – Phoeniceum Mixed
Verbascum - Phoeniceum Mixed - sown 25th April '13

Scabious – Tall Double Mixed
Scabious - Tall Double Mixed - sown 25th April '13

Cornflower – Tall Tutu Mix

Cornflower - Tall Tutu Mix - sown 25th April '13

Chrysanthemum – Sunshine Mix

Chrysanthemum - Sunshine Mix - sown 25th April '13

Godetia – Little Frills Mix

Godetia - Little Frills Mix - sown 25th April '13

Nicotiana – Lime Green

Nicotiana - Lime Green - sown 25th April '13

And these have been sown on 6th May ’13

Aubretia – Rich Rose

Aubretia - Rich Rose - sown 6th May '13

Viola – Johnny Jump Up
Viola - Johnny Jump Up - sown 6th May '13

Poached Egg Plant

Poached Egg Plant - sown 6th May '13

French Marigold – Orange Boy

French Marigold - Orange Boy - sown 6th May '13

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