Spring is playing hide and seek

It is 23 April. Happy St Georges Day to everyone. It was also my dads birthday.

I used to wonder why gardeners dont tend to blog much. Now I understand.  It is because they are so busy out there doing the work, that when they get home they just want to collabpse in a chair with some food, before they fall asleep.

It has been a cold spring, which has set back the seed sowing.

Today I have sown in my miscellaneous bed some flowers:
Hollyhock – Giant Single Mixed – grows to 8′
Sweet Pea – Painted Lady – grows to 6′
Sweet Pea – Singing the Blues – grows to 6′
Sunflower – Velvet Queen – grows to 6′
Delphinium – Galahad – grows to 6′
Verbena – Bonariensis – grows to 4′
Foxglove – Alba – grows to 4′

I put these all together in a relatively small patch in my miscellaneous bed.  As they grow I can put stakes in around the edges and fasten string at appropriate heights to keep them in and up,  and they will, I hope, support each other.  I sowed them possibly a bit closer than recommended on the packets, because I really dont want to take growing space away from my food crops, but I do like a few flowers dotted around.  These are all the tall ones.  I also have some medium and low growing ones to go in at some point.  I will sow them together per height in a couple of random places on the plot when I get around to it in the next few weeks.

I also sowed today in my miscellaneous bed:
lettuce – black seeded simpson
beetroot – boltardy

On 22nd April I sowed:
cucumber – La Diva – undercover
statice – Special Mixed – undercover

On 21st April I sowed:
sweetcorn – Swift  – undercover

On 3rd April I sowed:
Brussels sprout – Nautic

On 8th April I sowed:
calabrese – Aquiles
broccoli – Ironman

I had a splurge on 14th March, and sowed:
tomato – Ferline – undercover
tomato – Sweet Million – undercover
tomato – Bejbino – undercover
pepper (sweet) – Antohi Romanian – undercover
pepper (sweet) – DT Browns Mix – undercover

I also got the potatoes in, I think that was the Easter weekend, probably the Monday.
And I planted out the broadbeans – cant quite remember if I already recorded those here.  I must remember to check these things before I start a new post.

In between getting stuff sown, I have been digging the ground ready for tilling and raking to a tilth.  However much I try to get it nice and fine and level, it never looks the way the gardening programmes on tv do.  Ah well.  I suppose the important thing is to get the seeds sown.  After all, they wont grow if the arent in the ground!

So there you are – all up to date with what I have sowed so far.

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