Year 2013

Well , Hi again, It has been quite some time since I posted anything here, sorry for that. Nothing much that I can do on the allotment other than a bit of digging which I think its too wet really so I havent been doing, and the cooking at home has been mostly Christmas food and quick stuff like fish out of a box and pizza and frozen chips. So I am hoping to be getting back to normal now that my youngest is back in college and my eldest heads back to uni this weekend. I did start learning to crochet over the holidays, so maybe I will be adding a new section on basic beginner crochet stitches and patterns this year too. And I also discovered that I can get free Kindle downloads and I dont even need to have a Kindle to read them, just an app on my laptop; any way of cutting expenses or getting things for free is all good in my book. Anyway, thats all for today, I will try and be a more regular blogger this year.


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