The Alliums are in

  I got my alliums in today – onions Radar, shallots Yellow Moon, garlic Provence Wight.   There were supposed to be 100 onion (I didn’t count them but I got 6×10′ rows) 25 shallots (2 and a bit rows) and 3 bulbs of garlic (again didn’t count the number of cloves but it gave me 2 and a bit rows).

When I was done planting them I looked around and wasn’t sure what to do next; my only thought for the last week has been getting the root bed fit to sow the alliums.  I use the term ‘bed’ very loosely, I am sowing directly into the ground, not in raised beds, and the rest of the plot is still only very roughly dug with great big clods all over the place.

But I marked the rows with string and sticks so at least I will know where they are.  I dare say I ought to get some proper plant labels and such and be a bit more tidy and neat.  That’s hard for me at the best of times, I am not the tidiest of people in normal life, so I guess the plot will reflect that too.

For the next few weeks when the weather allows I will be working on re-digging what I already dug, as the grasses and weeds are already starting to come through again.  It should be easier this time though, with all the big clumps having been removed first time over, and the ground has been broken once so next time hopefully will be less hurtful on the back.
I also need to go round the edges and get rid of the brambles and miscellaneous unknown bits that where on my ‘do that later’ list.

There is still lots to be done as you can see, with luck and perseverance I will get it sorted in time for spring sowings.  I have so much planned ~ potatoes, beans, squashes, tomatoes, salads, roots, corn, brassicas, herbs and fruits.

I also need to look into companion planting and getting some flowers that will encourage the right kind of insects in to keep pests down for me.


2 comments on “The Alliums are in

  1. You’ve done well to clear the ground that quickly and getting all those alliums in. Your rows look pretty neat to me!

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