Digging it over

Well it feels like it hasn’t stopped raining in the last 2 weeks, and we have had only a couple of dryish spells.
I finally stopped being a wimp and decided to get out there even if it was raining.  I did dodge out of the really heavy downpours, but with my wellies and ‘almost’ waterproofs, I can stay relatively comfortable.
When I was young I used to be out in all weathers, and up until about 10 years ago a bit of rain didn’t bother me too much, so I have either got soft as I have gotten older, or clothing isn’t as good as it used to be or the weather is worse now.
I must get some decent wet weather clothing, I suppose a camping and outdoors or equestrian type shop would have the needed attire.  I used to know where to find them all, but I am now a little out of touch.

I have been digging.  I have been digging a lot.
Now almost 3/4 of the plot has been very roughly dug over.  I realised early on that I could not keep stopping to pull out every bit of horsetail root that I came across as there is so much of it and I would never get the whole plot clear if I was to do that.  There were huge tussocks of grasses that were really heavy and difficult to move, but for the most part it was just a question of sticking the spade in and turning one square at a time.  It may seem to be laborious and time consuming, and indeed it is.  I have no doubt that a rotavator would have it done in a day.  However I now feel like I have got to know the plot extremely well, with the added bonus that I didn’t burn smelly horrible petrol or create an awful noise and I feel more in harmony with the environment.  The turf that was on top is now buried, and hopefully starting to rot down; as are a lot of other weeds, and any that are determined to grow back up are going to be easier to hoick out (technical gardening term) now the ground has been dug over once.  I will need to go over it all again, but now the heavy part has been done, with all the big stuff dug out and tossed to one side or turned over, the next go-over will be hopefully a lot easier.  There are a few shrubs which I have left in, one is definitely a buddleja but I am unsure what the others are.  I will let them alone and see if I can identify them next year by the flowers, leaves and fruits.  There is also some rhubarb and strawberries and what I think may be a chickpea; again this will be easier to identify next spring/summer.  Had I used a rotavator I doubt if I would have noticed them there, so another good point in favour of using a spade.

My onions, shallots and garlic have arrived (yay), so I will need to focus on the area that they are to go into over the coming days.  I was hoping to have it done before they came, but the weather put paid to that.  So I must toughen up and get on with it regardless of the rainfall.
I did want to get some before-pictures but I kept on forgetting to put my camera into my bag, so I will try to remember next time and take some now-photos.  Then it will be good to look back this time next year and see how much has changed.

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One comment on “Digging it over

  1. gaz says:

    Ohh i know that feeling, trying to do some work on the allotment in between the rain has been a nightmare. I also feel your pain with the horsetail, i had a spell of digging then stoping to pick it all out “ Can’t be done ” so i’ve now taken on your method. i wish you luck …

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