Starting to get the ground cleared

Well, I have managed to get a great deal done on my allotment over the last couple of days.
Thank goodness I got a decent pair of leather gardening gloves or my hands would have been raw.
I hauled off the remains of a bed and a sofa, and took those to the tip.
There were lots of bottles and old firework remains, and chunks of bricks and some broken paving slabs which look like really nice bits of hand cut stone of some sort.  They have all been chucked to one side to be sorted through for useful bits later.
And I have strimmed off most of the weeds down to near ground level, and scraped up the strimmings into a heap to start composting down.  I also used my new secateurs to tackle the brambles that are growing pretty much everywhere, sigh.  I can see those will be coming back year after year for the distant future. They got chopped into bits and put into black plastic bags to begin composting.
I haven’t found any useful shed or greenhouse bases or parts yet, and by the looks of it there are none, so I will need to think about where I want to place a shed and greenhouse, and what I can use as foundations for them.
I did come across a frog, so that’s a good sign.  I saw only a couple of slugs, so it looks like Froggy is doing a good job. And a little robin kept coming to check on my progress.  I think he is wondering when the digging will start so he can come and get some crawlies for his lunch.  There are a couple of cats that I have seen, so I hope they stay away from my patch.  I like cats, I have one myself, but I don’t want them coming and doing their poop on my freshly sown beds, when that time comes.  Maybe I will try and knock up a scare-cat, see if that will keep them away.

It seems there was a bit of ground frost last night, and we aren’t supposed to get frost until mid-October here, so I hope that is not an indication of a long harsh winter ahead.  I have so much to get done and bad weather won’t help me make progress.
Now I ache all over and need a bath and feel extremely happy.


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