I got an allotment !

Hello, I got an allotment !
I am so lucky to have got one, and didn’t have to join a waiting list. I was just in the right place at the right time, and I realise how fortunate that makes me.  I have read the magazines and forums and I know lots of people have been waiting years for a plot.
I will put up some before and after photos when I have done a bit of work on it.  Its very untidy and needs a lot of clearing up.  I wasn’t expecting a perfect plot, but oh gosh, it is a mess. It looks like it has been neglected for years.  There is lots of junk on it, and lots of weeds.  I plan to clear it up over the winter, and get at least 1 compost bin started. And hopefully I will clear enough to get a row of onions in to overwinter.
As it all happened so suddenly, I haven’t got any seedlings started off in modules ready to go in – it would have been nice to get some cabbages, but I think its too late in the year for that.
The site is not too far from home, so its very convenient and I should be able to get there most days for 2 or 3 hours.  I am so looking forward to growing vegetables and fruit and cooking healthy meals with what I have grown myself.
I plan to keep a regular record on this blog of what I do each week on the plot, and post recipes of what I cook, but it may be quite a while before I am cooking with what I have grown.


5 comments on “I got an allotment !

  1. Congratulations on getting your allotment. Mine is only small, 16 square metres, but it gives me so much pleasure (and fresh veggies of course). Thank you for visiting my blog today. I’ll be following yours and as well as your recipes – I look forward to reading more about your allotment.

  2. beginagain2a says:

    thank you. yours looks very exotic and plenty big enough for your needs I would imagine.

  3. That is so exciting! We have had a plot at the community garden (I’m guessing US plot= UK allotment) for the last two years and have been AMAZED at the amount of produce we could get out of a 10’x10′ (about 3×3 meter) plot. I’m sad to give it up this year, but am excited to have our own yard to work in. Have you looked into square foot gardening at all? We used it this last year and were able to get a lot more out of our plot as a result. Good luck with your allotment!

    • beginagain2a says:

      Hi Cluttered Mama, yes I looked into SFG and it is great especially when you have a limited space. My plot is about 45’x35′ which is about a half plot – a full plot is usually 30’x90′ but the size does vary site to site. I may get to a point where I will follow some of the principles of SFG, but at the moment there feels like so much space that I will have my work cut out to fill it just planting in regular rows and blocks.

      Its great that you have your own yard now, its so much easier when you can just pop out to tend your plants or harvest your supper. I also have gardens front and back but have not had much success growing anything much there, I am unsure why that is and will persevere trying different techniques.

  4. ClutteredMama says:

    Wow! That is a big plot! Practically a small farm!!
    I worry that on the heels of our success at the community garden, we will have less success at home, but we shall see!

    Good luck in your growing! Envious of all your onion planting (doesn’t get cool enough to grow most onions here)

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